Public Speaking And Personality Development Classes In India

Boost your confidence, develop your personality, turn into an achiever and enhance the overall quality of your life by learning Public Speaking and Personality Development on weekdays or weekends from the comforts of your own home. Learn and grow under the able guidance of Savio DSilva. Communicate confidently and effectively with your colleagues and friends. Develop your personality. Articulate your thoughts better.

Anyone living anywhere in India can register for Savio DSilva's online Public Speaking and Personality Development classes. Increase your opportunities for career advancement and friendship. These 2 skills are among the topmost skills to develop. Improve your communication skills. Understand others better. Learn to listen, speak with confidence, understand others better, manage your emotions, improve your memory and concentration, etc. Join the 3 weeks online course in Public Speaking and Personality Development today.

Course Objectives: To enable students to speak with confidence and effectiveness on course completion. To develop the personality of the student and enhance the quality of their life.

With Savio DSilva, you learn to communicate with confidence for life, not just for a few days. Syllabus includes all important topics in Public Speaking and Personality Development. Over 500 pages of course notes & exercises are provided with personalized and relevant feedback given by a Master Trainer. Batches start every 7 days. Get trained by one of the best trainers in the country. Register Now!


Guaranteed Results
Savio DSilva wants every single student admitted into his online course to have an improved Personality and better Public Speaking skills. Hence, he offers students a Full Refund if they are not happy with the results of the training program after completing 5 sessions of the course. Savio Sir believes in getting results and helping each student achieve the Course Objectives fully. You can claim a Full Refund (10% of the fees is deducted for Registration and Refund Processing Charges) within 7 days of the course starting date provided that you have completed the assigned activities during the first 5 days of the online Public Speaking and Personality Development course.

Course Benefits
Speak confidently and effectively with others.
Develop your personality through listening to audio books.
Master the 500 Public Speaking Tips as created by Savio Sir.
Improve your memory, focus and concentration.
Communicate with fluency and ease with others.
Learn how to deliver powerful speeches anytime.
Learn how to manage your time better, know your life purpose.
Manage your emotions (such as Anger) more effectively.
Overcome your fear and anxiety of speaking with people.
Learn how to answer questions and have long conversations.
Master body language and express yourself better.
Be a better observer and an effective listener.
Overcome laziness, learn grooming and personal hygiene.
Learn valuable principles essential for success in life.

Course Contents
500 Public Speaking Tips, How To Write Speeches,
Time Management, Goal Setting, Anger Management,
Memory Improvement, Observation Skills, Body Language,
Positive Forces Of Nature, Brain Fitness, Table Manners,
Grooming Skills, Smart Phone Manners, Audience Analysis,
Pareto Principle, Join The Dots Method,
Success Secrets, Effective Listening Skills,
Personal Hygiene, Monsoon Principle,
How To Overcome Procrastination, etc.

Learning Through Three Methods
Each student of this online course benefits from the Trio of Learning Methods used by Savio DSilva. Every single student gets access to over 35 hours of audio books in Public Speaking and Personality Development. These audio books are in MP3 format and can be easily downloaded and kept with you forever. Apart from this, there are hundreds of pages of online articles, useful blog posts, PDF documents and interesting activities that truly make this online course the finest online training program in the world for Public Speaking and Personality Development. Interaction and practicals via online Group Discussions and Debates held inside our Chat Room make this course a highly effective one for every single students who joins it.

Upcoming Weekday Batches
11th July
18th July
25th July

Upcoming Sunday Batches
10th July
17th July
24th July

Course Fees
Online Course Fees = Rs. 4000 2500

Fees are expected to increase to Rs.4000 on 30th June, 2016.

The fees include training charges, online activity costs and other course charges.

A maximum of 6 Students are allowed admission into a Single Batch. Please register in advance.

Register Now

You must pay the course fees (by debit / credit card / net banking) through Instamojo's secure payment platform after submitting your Online Admission Form. You get a payment confirmation after paying the course fees and you will receive an email from us that gives you the secure course forum access details on the batch starting date.

Public Speaking Classes
Perhaps there is no other skill or talent as important in the world as public speaking can be. Every single human being must know how to speak confidently in public places. Savio DSilva has over 18 years experience of training thousands of people in the fine art (and science) of public speaking. His online classes are filled with interesting practicals and intensive lectures as well.

Courses are offered for students, corporates and working executives at different timings. Students (teenagers and young adults) can choose to attend the weekdays program which operates for 3 weeks with classes running from Monday to Saturday on our secure course site.

Working executives and adults can join the specialized training course on weekends (8 Sundays) which guarantees that every single participant will benefit from the online training program and will find that they are able to communicate more confidently and effectively while they speak in public after the weekends course. The Sunday program in Public Speaking is held on every Sunday throughout the year with fresh batches starting each week on a rotational basis. You can complete the lectures and practicals on every Sunday at anytime you want.

Public Speaking as the name suggests is basically speaking to a group of people in a structured manner to inform, inspire and reach them. Early birds in this field were the Greeks and there Classical approach is adored even today; some indelible impressions left by Socrates, Plato, Aristotle to name a few! As the societies and cultures across the world grew, this beautiful art also developed playing a major role in world politics and religion.

History gives us the likes of Winston Churchill, Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini on one hand and Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi on the other. These proficient Orators had the capability to awake the masses; and make them even lay down their lives for causes they were dedicated to. Such is the power of speech!

There are quite a few things to be taken care of for effective public speaking and to keep the masses tuned to you. An Impressionable Voice, Right pitch i.e voice tone, and Pace of the speech in sync with the ideas to be presented are few among them. Usage of analogies, short stories and quotes would be like Icing on the cake and don't forget to give credit for ideas and quotes used. Though a well prepared speech does often support you on the stage fighting those nervous breakdowns, even more does a passionate speech straight from the heart.

All that matters is to Connect!

Personality Development Classes
Enhance your personality, and build your confidence. Savio Sir offers several online Personality Development courses throughout the entire Year. Join a personality development course on the weekend or attend a course during the week. Classes are held on the internet and can be attended from anywhere in the world.

Several important topics are covered during the weekdays program which includes time management, goal setting, effective listening skills, observation skills, memory improvement, positive forces of nature, anger management, and more. The duration of the weekdays course is 3 weeks with classes held from Monday to Saturday.

Personality development is a technique that helps in solving personal traits; improving inter- personal relationship and communication skills and to inculcate good values and ethics. Personality is the quality which an individual possesses. Personality is based on the childhood incidences, influence of environment we live and also the level of emotional reaction one gives to the situation. These create the behavioral pattern and perception that distinct one person from another.

Just good looks and costly clothes does not really makes your personality it defines it so when your first impression is good with your appearance but you are more likely to differ from your personality the opinion of people around can be change. That is why personality development is essential to correct the behavioral traits and to have a positive thought and its impact on life.

There are different centers teaching the technique of Personality development and is also taught academically to students to create a strong base for the well adjusted persona. Personality development helps to have a sportsman spirit and also to have a positive outlook for the ups and downs of life and have a logical and rational thinking ability.

Course Testimonials
Sir's course really helped me boost my confidence. Savio Sir was extremely encouraging and patient with me. The course was excellent and a great learning experience. Nice learning online with you Sir. First day I was bored but afterwards I really enjoyed a lot. You are very good Sir. I enjoyed with you. I like this course and you because I learnt many things from you. Savio Sir is really cool and I made a couple of good friends thanks to this course. Sir Rocks - Ketki J

My family and friends had asked me to join this Public Speaking and Personality Development course. I really wasn't sure if an online course could really change or improve my personality. Thinking of that I thought to try and see whether it really works. Being a good reader and a curious person, I read what Savio Sir explained with his stories, examples and principles. I always had this question in mind for eg. To get 90% in exams we know we have to study for like 6 hours a day. But where do you get that fire within yourself to actually get up and do it . Savio Sir's goal setting notes showed me where to get that fire from. Not just for studies but for the much bigger goals and dreams in one's lives. Just by being present, understanding and following what Savio Sir explains in his notes and by doing the small but very helpful practicals, I started seeing change in myself. I was a better person, a better friend, better at work, a better public speaker, a better writer and I started getting better in almost every field of my life. Thanks a lot Savio Sir. You are the real Guru. - Mansi S

Savio Sir is the King. He rocks. He is excellent at teaching. The best thing about Sir is that he does not believe in spoon feeding at all. I will never forget Sir in my whole life. Sir is very well organized and friendly. He has amazing teaching skills. He gave feedback to me everyday. This has helped make my journey a memorable one. Thank you. - Sandhya D

It was a great experience. It certainly improved my memory, it was great fun. I have improved a lot and can speak in front of others easily now. You must have noticed it that I loved your stories and audio books a lot. They were very informative. Sir, you are Fat but you look cute like that only. Savio Sir has the best classes for Public Speaking & Personality Development. It was very beneficial for me. This course has helped me understand my weaknesses and shown ways to improve it. This course was full of fun practicals, learning and wisdom through Sir's stories. - Priti S

The course was so much fun. The best place to be and learn. Savio Sir Rocks. It was a great experience. Got a chance to get rid of my stage fear, got a chance to meet and interact with new people on the forum and make new friends. It was really nice to attend Sir's course. Savio DSilva Sir is very sweet and I enjoyed myself a lot and learned to make friends after the course. It was a memorable experience for me. I miss Sir a lot these days. Best part was the practical approach to training. It was fun to do this course as Savio Sir is fun. - Mehak K

I really liked this course a lot. Some of my favourite sessions were the ones related to successful and happy people. When you told us some of their secrets, it really helped me a lot.especially when you said that it was not hard work, it was smart work. Also, in the audio book where you said that ignorance is not the key, that too helped me a lot. Some other sessions like lateral thinking and some principles like Focus Principle were also really good. Before the course, I always used to think that one should do multi-tasking but now I think differently. Also, due to your course, I learned to interact with a lot of people who were very different and belonged to different backgrounds. The activities were superb, making sentences, answering questions were really nice and I enjoyed that a lot but the best part was your stories. I waited to read or listen to your stories because they were fun to hear and they also had a moral which was quite good too. - Pritha K

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