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Savio Savio 13/2/16/20:32
A true friend is someone who will always be there by your side, no matter what. However, expecting them to be there for you whenever you wish is not right. You must be an equal and likewise true friend to them as well. The best friendships, the ones that really last, true friendships, are the ones in which both friends love, care for and are there for each other.

Savio Savio 13/2/16/20:22
Due to my vast experience in counseling I am able to comfortably counsel people from any part of the world and for any issue under the Sun. The rules of the game are the same. Listen, understand, empathize and nothing else. Often my counseling students think that counseling is something much more than what I mentioned above. Sadly it isn't. The primary and perhaps most important role of a counselor is to be there for you, listen to you, understand you and help you arrive at your own conclusions about the issues you are facing.

Savio Savio 13/2/16/20:19
I've been fortunate to have counseled thousands of people through the internet. I've counseled people from over 30 countries and different walks of life. Possibly every single issue under the Sun has creeped into some counseling session query or the other. Most of my counseling cases are simple queries posted by people on one of my websites where they ask me for help related to an ongoing issue in their lives. So majority of my experience is in brief spells of counseling, not face-to-face sessions or longer counseling periods.

Savio Savio 13/2/16/20:16
People want to do things in days what other people in past generations took years to complete. As a result of this wayward attitude, you find a tremendous increase in stress and frustration among today's generations. People cannot be happy when they are unable to achieve their goals within their self imposed time frames.

Savio Savio 13/2/16/20:01
We hold several mock sessions during our counseling course in order to train our students to counsel clients more effectively in the future. Counseling is often confused with advising. Yes, there are times when a counselor may offer suggestions to their clients. However, the most effective form of counseling is when a counselor helps the client come to their own conclusions about things. This is usually achieved by listening, empathy and joint analysis of the issue being discussed during each session.

Savio Savio 13/2/16/19:42
Most of us hesitate to try something new because we don't want to experiment too much with our schedule. We fear change and prefer strolling inside our comfort zone. That's why the few who step out of their comfort zones and try something new are the ones who usually reach their goals the fastest.

Savio Savio 13/2/16/19:33
Relaxation is my favorite activity. It's a time of absolute Bliss. Just put my feet up, lay back on the soft cushions, and while the time away. Once an avid reader of my work asked me how I could afford to spend so much time on relaxation. Instead of knocking some sense into her, I asked her to suggest few things I could do instead of relaxation. All the things she suggested involved manual labor of some kind. It's then that I realized that most people are never relaxed because for them relaxation is like a sin. They just don't know how to do nothing.

Savio Savio 13/2/16/19:23
Originality is almost a thing of the past, a rare commodity. It is hardly untrue that almost everything seen on TV these days has been inspired from something created before it. Same goes with books and movies. The fashion is to create something that looks like it's an original so that you can take full credit for it. But if you can actually create something unique then you are destined to succeed.

Savio Savio 13/2/16/19:09
It takes thousands of hours of practice to become absolutely fluent at something. During offline workshops, my students often ask me how I am able to speak so fluently and confidently. I tell them that it took over 20 years of constant speaking in front of people to make public speaking so easy for me.

Savio Savio 13/2/16/18:35
I love sharing TALEs more often these days, there are two reasons for this. One is because the number of regular readers has increased since we shifted thus section to Enoma. Two is that I just love coming here to share things with you. It's my virtual home. It feels wonderful to have activities that I am really passionate about.

Savio Savio 13/2/16/18:31
Sometimes we say things that we don't really mean but it's too late to take those words back because we already said them. Fortunately, there are two magic words that can repair any damage done. Those words are "I'm sorry".

Savio Savio 13/2/16/18:28
Knowledge about what your skills, talents and likes are is most important to live a great life. Most people think these are things we need to know only before we appear for a job interview. Once we know our passions, we can formulate a schedule that revolves around these activities that you really are passionate about.

Savio Savio 13/2/16/18:24
Stats and facts are most interesting to our readers. We tend to believe something said a lot more when it is in the form of a fact or statistic. Another thing that our readers love is stories. It could be a real life experience shared or a tale that your grandmother shared with you. Stories, facts, real life examples and sincerity go a long way in the writer's profession.

Savio Savio 13/2/16/18:20
Lots of time is spent on typing out messages on the phone. I've calculated that it takes me almost double the time on the phone than on the computer to type out these messages. However, it's amazing to be able to type these messages out for you from practically anywhere in the country.

Savio Savio 13/2/16/18:16
When you put your heart into something it shows. Similarly when you don't have any interest in something it shows too. The trick is to focus most or all of your efforts and time on activities that you are deeply interested in. Sadly, most humans waste their time in activities that do not interest them.

Savio Savio 13/2/16/18:08
It's a beautiful and soothing experience to enjoy the loving company of our near and dear ones. Simple moments shared between those that matter. It feels like every single day is Valentine's Day when loved ones spend quality time together every single day.

Savio Savio 13/2/16/18:05
It's a rather chilly evening, cooler than any other evening since winter started. There is a really cold breeze blowing through my bedroom window, it's so chilly right now that I've shifted myself to the living room. Hot Samosas and tea shall be served soon. Looking forward to it.

Savio Savio 13/2/16/18:01
Thanks for the super awesome feedback that you have been sending in about my recent TALEs. It's good to know that you value the wisdom and information being shared with you.

Savio Savio 13/2/16/13:15
I can listen to the sound of a rare bird singing somewhere near the creek. It's sound is faint but not like anything I have heard since I've moved here. It's always interesting to listen to the sounds of the birds each day. Contrary to popular belief, you can listen to their soothing and beautiful sounds almost all day, not just in the mornings.

Savio Savio 13/2/16/13:11
It is easy to miss signs and signals being sent to you from a higher source simply because you are so occupied in pointless activities all day long. It's time you looked up, looked around you and paid a bit more attention to the beautiful moments that are slowly but surely passing you by.

Savio Savio 13/2/16/12:55
One of the most important days in the year (for romantic couples) is tomorrow. It's terrific that it happens to be a Sunday as well. Expect to see love birds all over the place over the coming 36 hours. Love is in the air this year for sure. Everywhere there are heart shaped balloons and cute animal stuffed toys on sale. The eCommerce bigwigs and stores along the roads are milking this opportunity like no man's business.

Deepti Deepti 13/2/16/12:18
I was reading something about the working of the subconscious mind and could relate to it. The world we live in is largely determined by what goes on in our mind.Our thoughts are creative and we actually create in our own experience what we think and feel about the other person. We need to take carr of our thoughts.

Savio Savio 12/2/16/23:30
Each year, thousands of people die due to medical overdose. It's a simple thing to take the right amount of medicine at the right time but still all over the world there are thousands of cases where people have died due to an overdose of their medication. The most notable death in this category is that of Michael Jackson.

My mother would keep a pill box for the entire week ready to make it easier to keep track of her medicine intake.

It's amazing that medicine packs and strips are not numbered. It would be so much easier to keep track of one's dosage had pill strips been numbered. Wonder why the pharmacy companies don't number them.

Savio Savio 12/2/16/22:30
One of the most soothing sounds to listen to are that of children playing. Their chirpy tunes makes me heart melt. I am ever so thankful to God for bestowing me with residences where kids play till the late hours of night. The sounds of children playing in the garden is similar to the soothing sounds of the morning birds during the Winter.

Savio Savio 12/2/16/22:15
Life is difficult. Life is easy. Life is beautiful. Life is unfair. Different people say different things. There is no single moment in the history of the world where every single human being agrees on every single thing. I believe that this itself is the beauty of life. That we are all created unique. We are all different. Definitely the same body and organ structure, more or less, but different in our thoughts and actions. Our differences make life more interesting. Our differences is what makes life so beautiful.

Savio Savio 12/2/16/22:11
I am fortunate to be associating with a bunch of readers who are so admirably disciplined in reading my TALEs. Hardly a day goes by without you dropping in to read my latest TALEs. I am honored to be part of your life for these few minutes every single day. I am humbled by your presence and am learning a lot through your silent appreciation of whatever I am sharing inside these TALEs.

Savio Savio 12/2/16/22:09
I am considered to be a good mind reader by some of my clients and readers. For example, right now, we have a student reading through these TALEs wondering what's the purpose of me writing these many TALEs tonight, another student is busy reading the script of some old mock session, someone else is busy with their assignment submissions, yet another is reading some old forum posts, and there are few others who lost track of what they were here for as they were busy watching TV or surfing their phones a while ago.

Savio Savio 12/2/16/22:06
Many people are enjoying a night out tonight. After all, it's Friday Night, it's the start of yet another long weekend. However, the truly blessed souls do not need to look around them for joy and satisfaction. They find it inside their own homes, inside their hearts and souls, and being around the people that they love and care about. You don't need to be out there partying till dawn to live life to the fullest, you can live an even more amazing life purely by doing things that make you happy, being around people you love and spending ample time in relaxation.

Savio Savio 12/2/16/22:03
You can either we part of something or be out of it. You can either do or not do, there is no in-between. You can either live your life to the fullest or simply die tamely one fine day. Living one's life to the fullest does not mean doing risky things or living recklessly. Rather it's about doing things that make you happy on the inside. It's about living firmly in the present moment. In the now!

Savio Savio 12/2/16/22:01
It seems like every other person is looking for a fast solution to their problems. A quick fix so to speak. Everyone wants the easy way out. Nowadays, most youngsters don't want to work hard nor wait too long for success to knock on their doors. As a result, a vast majority of them are rather unhappy. They are great need of quality therapists to guide them out of their misery. Unfortunately, good therapists are rare and our younger generation don't like following our advice, no matter how sensible and wise it is.

Savio Savio 12/2/16/21:58
It comes as no surprise that most creative people live in their own little dream world. They don't care too much about what others think about what they do or don't do. At the very essence, they are right brained individuals who are strongly individualistic and unique. History has proven that the world not have existed in her current form today if it had not been for the painstaking efforts of creative individuals who told the story of our planet throughout the history of the world.

Savio Savio 12/2/16/21:47
It's a pleasant and serene evening around me. The surrounding village is silent right now. The cool breeze is finding her way through the tiny crevices of the mosquito net adorning my bedroom window. The soft music plays on my little music player. Life is truly a blessing. A gift from God. I am truly fortunate to be alive at such a wonderful moment in time.

Savio Savio 12/2/16/21:35
I love to meditate for hours each day because it is something that helps me communicate with my soul! Our soul awakens during deep spells of focused meditation. We can literally understand things which weren't possible to understand during our conscious state. Meditation sends us into a deep trance where we can literally lose touch with the world around us. But in losing touch with the outer world, we enter the world of our subconscious mind.

Savio Savio 12/2/16/21:32
Humans have the natural tendency to get unhappy when things don't go their way. We tend to lose our cool when things don't go as per our plans. However, everything happens for a reason. These reasons are often not understood in our conscious state so we don't know why they happen to us. We blame life for being unfair or purely dismiss that sorry round of events due to bad luck. In reality, our subconscious understands exactly why everything happens in our daily lives. And one of the best ways to communicate with our subconscious is through meditation.

Savio Savio 12/2/16/21:17
In the past, my wife's family members would find me in a state of intense joy and satisfaction while I sat here working at my computer. They would ask me later if the work I did online made me lots of money. Like most humans, the equated efforts to money so they probably felt that I wrote articles, posts and these tales because it made me lots of money. They would be surprised to hear that it wasn't the money that made me happy being a passionate writer. It was the intense joy and satisfaction I experienced inside my soul that made me want to write, write and write.

Savio Savio 12/2/16/21:12
Sometimes a client asks me, "how do you know your life's purpose?". And my answer to them is usually the same. You know what constitutes your life's purpose when you feel incredibly satisfied inside you while you are doing something connected to it. For example, right now, while writing these TALEs, I am wearing a big fat smile over my fat ugly face. I am feeling happier and happier as I write TALE after TALE. I am literally so full of positive energies right now that I could burst. This is how I know that writing these TALEs is part of my life's purpose. I am sure you will understand this once you chalk out a list of things that make you feel an incredible sense of joy and satisfaction inside your heart and soul.

Savio Savio 12/2/16/21:08
It is a bit past 9pm. I can bet my last dollar that almost 90 out of 100 people in India are watching TV, idle surfing their phones or wasting time on Facebook or WhatsApp as I write this TALE. It's a quiet time here on Enoma as I write this TALE. Merely a few others are doing something better with their time. Fortunately, as most times, I am one of them.

Savio Savio 12/2/16/21:03
The easiest way to live a happier life is to do "only" things that make your life better. Focus your time on things that make you feel utterly good inside. Invest your present moments in endeavors that make your life more comfortable. We usually have total control over our daily 24 hours. We can literally do "only" what we want to do during those 24 hours. Agreed that external forces and other people's reactions to what you do is not under your control. But don't use that as an excuse. What you do is in your control and only in your control.

Savio Savio 12/2/16/20:59
It's a blessing from God to have a daily routine that's filled with activities and people that make you happier. It's wonderful to do things that make other people happy, even more wonderful to do things that make me happy.

Harpreet Harpreet 12/2/16/20:52
At present i am struggling with the thought of taking up or missing an opportunity that is coming our way. The answer came from Savio sir's tale.Take the opportunity that is in alignment with your life purpose. I found the answer.Earlier in meditation the things got little clear and now got further clearer.

Savio Savio 12/2/16/20:51
I love writing these TALEs so much that I don't care if anyone else writes them or not. As a result, I have successfully managed to make this space my own. Readers are now in the dozens but writers are merely a couple. I've convinced other writers not to write TALEs here just by telling them to write them almost every day. I am smart enough to know how things work in this space. You tell someone to do something and they won't do it, despite you showing the obvious benefits of doing it. So that's exactly what I did. I told my students and co-writers to write TALEs here whenever they could. As a result, none of them listened to me. After all, Reverse Psychology works almost all the time. Thanks to them not taking up this golden opportunity, I can use this sacred space for my own benefit 24x7.

Savio Savio 12/2/16/20:47
Sometimes I use Reverse Psychology to get clients to do what I want them to do. Sometimes it's in a client's best interests for the therapist to decide their future course of action. Of course, they must be told why doing something is important. Once they understand the logic of things then they might be inclined to do whatever it takes to rectify the issue at hand. Unfortunately, we live in a "not so perfect" world and even after knowing the advantages of doing something it is common for people to still not do it.

Savio Savio 12/2/16/20:36
We automatically have a lot more time on our hands when we take up opportunities that are in alignment with our life's purpose. It is seldom said that a busy person has the most free time but it's true. Everyday, we read about big shot CEOs, celebs and political leaders retiring from their main professions because they realize that they took up something that did not align with their purpose. Similarly, we also hear about people achieving extraordinary success at a young age. It is never luck when this happens, they become successful at their careers because they took up opportunities that matched with their purpose.

Savio Savio 12/2/16/20:32
Very often, in our everyday lives, we take up offers and opportunities just because it has come our way. Yes, opportunities are pure Gold but that does not mean that you jump out of your skin at every single opportunity that comes your way. Be wise enough to "only" take up opportunities that will help you fulfill your purpose. Only do things that make life happier, better and more comfortable for you.

Savio Savio 12/2/16/20:25
Great human beings are wise enough to live their lives doing things that align with their purpose. As a result, they are always happy. When you are doing things out of your own free will and choice then you are automatically happier doing it. Similarly, almost all of mankind is unhappy right now simply because they are living their daily lives doing things that do not make them happy or do not match with their life's purpose. Worse still, most humans don't even know what their purpose is!!

Savio Savio 12/2/16/20:23
One of the worst looking foods on the planet is actually the most expensive! From oysters come pearls! One simply cannot judge a book by its cover. Unfortunately, we all tend to do it. We judge every single book in our lives by its cover. People are judged based on their outer appearances. Movies are judged based on the actor or actress playing the lead role. Songs are blindly downloaded just because a known musician has composed it. Products are purchased in a jiffy based on the celebs that endorse them.

Savio Savio 12/2/16/20:19
Opportunities are pure Gold. But, a quick analysis of whether you are ready to accept that opportunity must be done before you decide to walk through that open door. Many times, we take up opportunities that are not fitting into our weekly schedule nor in alignment with our life's purpose. As a result, we lose our way. Whatever does not help in fulfilling our life's purpose, takes us a few steps away from the same.

Savio Savio 12/2/16/20:16
When I was a little boy, my highly successful Uncle would share with me some of his secrets. Many of his secrets are listed in my audio book "1400 Secrets of Successful People". Anyway, one thing he told me, I'd like to share with you today. He would say "Son, when a door opens in your life, walk right through it". At that time, I did not understand how vital that secret would be in my future. Over the past 20 years, I've had several doors open for me wherever I went and whatever I did, and almost every single time I would walk right through it. Opportunities are pure Gold in life, don't waste them, grab them!

Savio Savio 12/2/16/20:05
Many people are absolutely terrified of failure. Not succeeding at achieving their goals can lead to them being feeling low on self esteem and confidence. Similarly, some people are equally scared of being successful. I know a close friend who was so scared of achieving her goals that she kept delaying the completion of a small series of activities that would help fulfill them. Sometimes, being successful means added responsibilities and duties which some people aren't yet ready to handle.

Savio Savio 12/2/16/19:59
In the interesting field of Ayurveda, "5 Actions" or Panchakarma is a series of carefully administered therapies that helps to relax, detoxify and rejuvenate our bodies. Unfortunately, it is not economical for most of us to undergo these elaborate therapies every day. A simpler solution is to simply relax and rejuvenate through daily spells of meditation and prayer. A simple practice of washing one's self before and after resting periods and meditation spells helps in totally refreshing not just our bodies but also our minds.

Savio Savio 12/2/16/19:55
Completely understanding another human being takes several years of detailed observation and analysis. Any therapist aspiring to understand their clients within a few moments of interaction are quite silly to do so. One cannot measure the size of the ocean in a day.

Savio Savio 12/2/16/19:53
It's all about perception. A hill might look like a mere blot on the horizon from a distance while it looks like a large structure of mud and stone when you walk closer and closer towards it. Likewise, the magnitude of our problems depends purely on our perception of the same. If we were going through a wonderful and happy phase of our lives then the problems appear tiny while the same problems appear large if we are going through a rough patch of our lives.

Savio Savio 12/2/16/19:46
Most people stoop to any lengths if they receive a handsome sum of reward to do so. Integrity appears to be a thing of the past in today's greedy world. It's common to hear of a rich celebrity endorsing controversial brands just because it makes them a quick buck. It's also common for political leaders to get massive deals sanctioned just because they get a royal cut to approve it.

Savio Savio 12/2/16/19:44
A few days ago, there was a major robbery in a neighboring building. Over 40 lakhs worth of jewelry and gold were robbed. Yesterday, there were 6 marriages in the nearby village. Today, the police arrested a man in connection with the robbery. He is connected to all the 6 families who got married yesterday.

Savio Savio 12/2/16/14:50
Finding a true friend in today's world is as rare as finding a black diamond while walking the streets of Mumbai. Everyone has their own agenda these days. It is tough to find a friend who will give you the undisturbed pleasure of their company without them having something up their sleeve.

Savio Savio 12/2/16/14:49
Finding a true friend in today's world is as rare as finding a black diamond while walking the streets of Mumbai. Everyone has their own agenda these days. It is tough to find a friend who will give you the undisturbed pleasure of their company without them having something up their sleeve.

Savio Savio 12/2/16/14:31
A counselor can genuinely help others in society. They can do so through unbiased analysis and unrelenting listening skills. In today's world, a counselor who can devote unlimited time towards helping mankind is a rare find. A true professional is someone who is true to his or her profession.

Savio Savio 12/2/16/14:27
Typing these TALEs and submitting them without having the option to edit them has made me a much better communicator. It has turned me into a LIVE performer who has just one opportunity to convey the message to the audience. I am deeply focused now due to these writing habits.

Savio Savio 12/2/16/14:20
The mass media has proven that people love watching a bit more than they like listening and they prefer listening over reading. So obviously, video outshines audio and music outdoes ebooks. People love seeing pictures and watching videos because it's a simpler, faster and better medium to get one's point across. However, nothing can match the insane power of LIVE media wherein visuals, audio and actual performance unfold before your very eyes.

Savio Savio 12/2/16/14:15
Suddenly half the people on Facebook have a blue streak across the bottom of their profile picture. The feelings of being an Indian are pretty high on everyone's minds right now. It would be nice to see people being more human more often.

Savio Savio 12/2/16/14:12
I am almost certain that the soothing sounds of nothingness are the most pleasant sounds that we can ever experience. It feels divine when the mind is filled with nothing but the pleasures of the present moment.

Savio Savio 12/2/16/14:10
Living outside a mega city has taught me some awesome things. I can appreciate the sounds around me much more as they are so few and far between. My focus and concentration have drastically improved due to the clarity and serenity we experience by living in a quiet environment. Life is slow but majestic here. I feel like I'm on a holiday every single day of the year.

Savio Savio 12/2/16/14:05
Each day throws up new surprises, unique challenges and a variety of events and situations. The ones who live routed in the present usually are the happiest since each moment is uniquely different from the last. They focus on the now without brooding too long over the past. Future planning and goal setting is important but they should disrupt the enjoyment one can experience by living in the present.

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