August 16th Issue

Indians are a bit irritated because there is a very long weekend coming up from 13th to 15th August then they have to go back to work on 16th August and once again have a holiday on 17th on account of Parsi New Year. How they wish that 16th August was declared as a holiday too.
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Musings | Aug 3 - 7:33pm

Who doesn't love bank holidays??? Of course I want 1th August as a holiday too. Imagine what a joy it would be having a weekend of 5 full days.
Aug 3 - 7:37pm

It would be nice to have an extra off once in a while. Does no harm to anyone.
Aug 4 - 12:19pm

So true, Mohan, an extra holiday is like the icing on a freshly baked Chocolate cake.
Savio | Aug 5 - 2:09pm

Bing a retired person, for me every weekend is a long weekend. I can just stay at home and enjoy the incessant rain.
Dolphi | Aug 6 - 11:53am


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