Move Your Eyes

A simple and quick way to boost your brain fitness is to wake up each morning and move both your eyes from left to right and then from right to left. Do it for around a minute each day and you will find that your brain fitness increases by 5 percent.
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Brain Fitness | Aug 3 - 3:52pm

Its amazing fact, to move the eyes for a minute, immediately after getting up. Sure, will practice. Thank you.
Aug 3 - 5:59pm

Nice exercise, will give it a shot. Tomorrow.
Aug 3 - 7:36pm

It is a simple exercise and it does a lot of good for your eyes, especially if you are constantly peering into the computer screen.
Aug 4 - 10:16am

I just tried this eye movement exercise. Works beautifully. Thank you for making me more alert.
Aug 4 - 12:03pm


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