The Lush Greenery

Just staring at the lush greenery after the rains have stopped makes us feel blissful. Right now, at 6.45pm, I'm standing at my bedroom window staring in amazement at the gorgeous greenery in front of my eyes. God's amazing gift for all of us to enjoy, yet few make the most of it.
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Musings | Aug 3 - 6:47pm

I love when it rains & even after the rains stop. The earth comes to life during the rainy season.
Aug 3 - 7:02pm

Sir your short description of the surroundings after the rain has made me feel too relaxed. Thank you so much for this.
Aug 3 - 7:35pm

The monsoon is feverishly on; rains start pouring down insistently and unexpectedly and lush greenery reigns everywhere.
Aug 4 - 10:14am

Beautiful picture to imagine. Makes me feel good just as others have said.
Aug 4 - 11:54am


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